Who We Are

We are Crypto community to help causes around the world Because we care.

The organization was established upon the interest of Humanity. The OKCASH FOR CAUSE Foundation, based on the crypto currency OKCASH, is a diverse, active and dynamic organization by all means.
The OKCASH FOR CAUSE is an Organization lead by crypto currency “OKCASH” community members and volunteers across the world who want to help people in need and try to make the world a better place for them. We focus on Human rights, Child Education, Women’s rights, and Equality and much more.

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Animals are not Ours, Stop Exploiting Them!

Many animals often lead lives full of suffering and hardship,
and they are killed when they are no longer useful. They are
being used as resources at many places.
We believe Animals are not ours and we should come
together to stop animal Exploitation.
Join us in our mission and be their Voice!

Donate Today and Save Children to die from Malnutrition