Cryptocurrency Donations Will Help Texas Hurricane Victims


Over the past couple of days, the state of Texas was hit by a ferocious hurricane, devastating the region with severe flooding and forcing 30,000 residents towards evacuation shelters. The impact of the storm destroyed a lot of Texan infrastructure and people all over the country are working together to help the region’s residents. Now the crew from The Crypto Show and have fired up an RV loaded with food, water, and other supplies to help hurricane victims all paid for with cryptocurrency.


During the Crypto Shows broadcast on Sunday, August 27, the crew announced the plan to help hurricane victims this week and subsequently got a lot of crypto donations for their efforts. Last night a Crypto Show listener decided to send the team 10 BTC to help individuals struggling with the hurricane’s destruction. In addition to the whopping $42K donation,’s CEO, Roger Ver, also donated bitcoin towards the effort as well. Sessoms tells us that between his monthly Dash/Unsung funds, and the recent bitcoin donations he’s gathered roughly $50K in cryptocurrencies to help Texas residents.

The host of the Crypto Show, an Austin-based cryptocurrency radio broadcast, not only operates a public radio channel but also regularly helps the organization,, deliver food to homeless people by utilizing bitcoin and dash donations. This past weekend the Crypto Show host Danny Sessoms decided to help people suffering from the hurricane hardship instead. So Sessoms loaded up his RV and decided to head to Port Aransas, Texas, to give people a helping hand and so far he’s received a lot of support from the crypto community.

While getting set up in Port Aransas, Sessoms tells us that his RV is very prepared and has a fully operational indoor and outdoor kitchen to help serve food to Hurricane victims. Further, Sessoms has stopped at multiple Wal Marts in the region, buying up all the travel packs and hygiene products. Sessoms says he’s been able to transfer the Bitcoin donations by utilizing his Shift card to make the purchases at Wal-Mart. He and his friend told they’ve filled many shopping carts filled with useful items for residents in need.