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Bulls are domesticated animals that are systematically exploited and killed for the use of their muscle flesh, skin, and hide. They may also be used as labor to pull loads. However, most bulls are used in specific entertainment events, such as bullfights (where they are killed), festivals like the “encierros” (running of the bulls) or in rodeos. Bulls have a high… Read more


Huge numbers of bees suffer in a variety of ways from their exploitation by humans to make honey1 and other products. Many people may think that bees don’t suffer. However, all the evidence available indicates that they, as many other invertebrates who have a centralized nervous systems, do have the capacity to feel suffering and pleasure.2 Despite this, as happens with other… Read more


The type of animal exploitation that directly harms the most animals is their use for food. Many people have never stopped to think about this and just take it for granted that using animals for food is fine, and that animals aren’t harmed much by it. The reality, though, is that animals are harmed very much not only by being deprived of their lives, but also by other harms… Read more


One of the purposes for which nonhuman animals are routinely made to suffer and killed is the production of materials for clothing. Consequently, the use of animal clothing means harm to many animals who are individuals with the capacity to suffer and feel pleasure. In most cases these animals are not only exploited for clothing, but for other reasons as well including, mainly,… Read more

Crowd watches men fight a bull at a rodeo

Nonhuman animals are exploited and killed for entertainment in a number of ways. The most significant way is in the form of hunting and, especially, sport fishing. In addition, all around the world there are shows put on in which nonhuman animals are forced to take part. In many of these shows the animals are harmed or even killed (like in bullfights). In others they are not… Read more

White mouse being injected in a laboratory

Nonhuman animals are used in laboratories for a number of purposes. Examples of animal experimentation include product testing, use of animals as research models and as educational tools. Within each of these categories, there are also many different purposes for which they are used. For instance, some are used as tools for military or biomedical research; some to test cosmetics… Read more


Many animals are bred and bought because people like to spend part of their free time with them. These are sold as “companion animals.” Of course, this is very different from adopting abandoned animals where the reason for the rescue is the well-being of the animals themselves. People who live with adopted animals are people who have rescued them from a dreadful death or a… Read more


In many places around the world nonhuman animals are used as workers. These animals often lead lives full of suffering and hardship, and they are killed when they are no longer useful. They are being used as resources. They are investments from which profit or value is expected to be obtained. The animals are often not taken care of any more than is necessary in order to exploit… Read more


Fishes Many kinds of animals, including fishes, are harmed significantly as a consequence of being kept by humans as display items, for companionship, or to satisfy desires to create collections. Fishes suffer harms when they are kept in tanks, and fishes who are not born into captivity suffer additional harm from capture and relocation to the tank environment. These harms occur… Read more


Among the animals who suffer and are killed by humans to be used for clothing, the majority are killed for leather production. This includes cows, bulls, pigs, lambs, and sheeps. They are sent to the slaughterhouse to obtain meat and leather to meet public demand. Each year more than 300 million tanned cow skins and more than 500 million tanned sheep and lamb skins are produced…. Read more


Animals all around the world suffer terribly in circuses and other shows using animals. They are forced to live in situations that are often similar to those in factory farms, and are continuously subjected to pain, terrible fear, and distress so they will perform in circus acts. A comprehensive scientific study published several years ago concluded that circuses cause significant… Read more


Cows and their sons, calves and steers, are exploited for several purposes. Cows are kept to produce milk, for which they are kept in a continuous reproductive cycle: they give birth to calves from which they are separated shortly after, and are then milked until they are again made pregnant. Calves are often killed when they are just babies to be eaten as tender meat, or raised… Read more

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